Tuesday, April 6, 2010


(Note: This was written last night to post on my Facebook status, but I was told it was tooooo long, so I decided to post it here.)

Listened to Charles Stanley tonight-he was talking about best friends. You can hear it on intouch.org, just look up audio archives. Anyway, my closest friend is my husband, but I have had a few best friends over the years. I would move, or they would move. Before internet and cell phones, it was either letters or long distance phone calls. A few are on my friends' list now, but so much time has passed, they are now just acquaintances. I miss our friendship and our comaraderie. Then there are those who have just disappeared, and I often wondered if I will ever hear from them again, or if they are even alive. I may never know this side of heaven. Do I have a best friend now? No. I have tried with some, but the interest wasn't returned. Some I could be again, except for time or distance or responsibilities. I miss that friendship. If you have a best friend now, keep track of them. Don't let the friendship die. If you've lost them like I have, maybe you can renew them. Don't lose them. It is too hard to start a new one.


I see I have been gone for several months. Right after I wrote last, I went back to my old job. It was not a lot of hours, but the logistics have been difficult to control. Then I had several people hurt me (let's me truthful-my feelings), and with the constant bad weather and "my people" hurting, I got depressed. I have suffered from depression (anxiety and worry) since I was a teenager, but I had felt that God had delivered me from most of it. But I haven't really been in church in a long time, and my "quiet times" have been sporadic, so I know that I can see a change in my attitude toward things. And it stinks. Saying that, I am doing much better, and I have been working on my attitude. I am rearranging my schedule (again!), and I hope to see improvement in many areas. 'Nuff said, onto the post that I had promised.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Negative Opinions

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn't listen to the negative opinions of others. I wonder. I mean some opinions can actually keep you from making decisions that carry serious consequences. But I'm talking about when your life is actually going right, and your systems are in place. Then someone, who sees things differently, says, "Oh no, you can't do that!" about whatever you are doing that is different than what they would do.

So many things in my life have been affected negatively because someone gave a negative opinion. I know I didn't have to follow their advice, or did I intentionally follow their advice. But just the suggestions starts working into your subconscious and you start doing things their way. It wasn't that they were wrong, but their "advice" was wrong for you. And pretty soon you are doing it their way and you have totally messed up what you were doing. And it is very hard to go back.

So as a people, we need to look at someone who is happy, truly happy, with what they are doing in their life, and leave them alone. I was going to write "unless they are hurting themselves or others", but if they are truly happy, they would not be doing that. They are probably just different.

So we need to just leave them alone about it. But that is just my "negative opinion."

Monday, January 11, 2010


If you know my husband, you know my frustration. Thomas would like to get a house. Well, at least, we need to work out any problems that are affecting our travel.

I like living in the city. I like raising animals, especially small livestock. I like owning property. And I like traveling.

I don't like constantly not knowing what is going on. I told him before this started not to change his mind. We have been working almost three years getting ready for this time. I have given away or lost almost everything I owned. I gave up on my dreams. No, I changed my dreams. I have always wanted to travel, but, in additon to something else.

My husband changes his mind...alot. He is stressed right now about his parents. When they are feeling better, he will feel better. I just have to wait...and pray.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It didn't last long. You know, our we're-going-to-get-away-from-this-cold-weather trip. Thomas' mom has been in the hospital, and she doesn't show any signs of getting out soon. He felt bad that he was out of state, and he wanted to be there for her. So last night, we decided to come back to Oklahoma. I felt we needed to sit there in Wichita Falls until we knew for sure what we were doing, but we had put too much in the tank already. I knew we would need the gas, for an emergency, so I told him we would go back. We were spending a bit of it anyway driving around looking for wifi and laundromats. So after a very short nap, we hit the road.

I decided to take a different highway to Waurika. I was trying to shorten our mileage and gas consumption, so we took Highway 79 going north. I would have preferred the interstate, but there wasn't one out of town. It was a small, two lane road. After about 20 minutes, I saw flashing lights in my mirror. I was going about 10 miles under the speed limit, so I couldn't imagine why he was pulling me over. My main thought about being pulled over is always the dogs. Bengy had been crankier toward people parking next to us. The chis were acting more nervous. I think they had gotten use to staying in a house. Mom would keep them while we ran errands.

When he walked up to the window, I had my license ready. He said, "How many dogs do you have?" I told him the truth, and showed him the envelope with their papers. He asked where we were going, and told me that he pulled me over because my tag light was out. I told him we were going back to OKC (because of Thomas's sick mom) after spending some time in Wichita Falls. He asked for my license and car insurance. I kept pulling out the wrong papers, and started telling him where we got the van and more information than he probably needed. Anyway, we ran my license, and by the time he came back, I had found the insurance card. He just glanced at it, told me again why I needed to get my tag light fixed, and gave me a written warning. He assured me it wouldn't go on my record. I was glad I had the paper in case I got pulled over again, but then today was upset that I got one. I didn't feel I had done anything to get pulled over, and when we looked, Thomas tapped it and it came back on! He was very nice and I'm sure probably found the whole thing quite humorous.

I had thought about taking a nap before leaving town. I had thought about taking a different highway. But I didn't. So I did the what ifs, and didn't stop driving until I got to Waurika on the other side of the border. Thomas tapped the light, and then we drove to Ardmore. I was very tired, but I didn't want to sleep until I got to the Flying J.

Several more police cars passed us, and one even followed us, but we didn't get stopped again. I am use to being followed, and they drive real close, but I just maintain my speed and don't panic. They usually get bored and quit following, especially if I am going under the speed limit. I noticed the Texas officer was reading the side of the van when he walked up. I think we were getting attention looking like a church driving around late on a Friday night.

The temps were going into the single digits last night, so I didn't want to stop for long. I slept for a couple hours at the FJ, then since I got out to go to the restroom, I decided to go on. Bad idea. I was sleepy, so I stopped in Pauls Valley. I pulled into a McDonalds and pulled a blanket over my head. Thomas had the phone, so I didn't know what time it was. It seemed like half an hour later, Bengy let out a warning bark, so I woke up and looked in my side mirror. A man was getting into his car, and I had the impression that he might have approached the van. I left. As soon as I got on the highway, I started getting sleepy again. I was drinking bottles of water to try to stay awake. I made it to Purcell and pulled into Walmart. I pulled the blanket over my head again and tried to get comfortable. My shoulder was really bothering me by then. When I woke again, the sun was coming up. I would only start the van if I was driving, so I left again. I had not had much sleep in 3 days, so I was still having problems staying awake. I drank another bottle of water, but it wasn't helping much. By Norman, I was waking Thomas up again to keep me awake. We made it to Mom's by 9am. After taking the dogs in, she made me a cup of hot tea, and I fell asleep sitting on her couch.

Friday, January 8, 2010


It seems the latest topic on everyone's mind has been the weather. It's not raining, snowing, ice, or any of those usually nasty things. It's just cold! And this was when Thomas and I decided to take off on our trip.

Well, the plan was to get in a warmer climate. Don't snowbirds usually go south for the winter?

We were planning to meet up with similar 'birds in Quartzsite, Yuma, or The Slabs. For the uninformed, those are meetups for people who want to travel out of cold weather. They can become overnight cities with tens of thousands of people all there for the same purpose-to be warm and meet with friends. Now, I have not been to any of them yet, but I have read alot about them. They seem like a lot of fun; the weather is nice; but like any city, you still have to exercise caution. They have even had people take walks in the desert and not come back. But the same thing happens on cruises, and people don't quit taking cruises.

But, I digress. Living in a van has many advantages, but also several disadvantages. The biggest one I would say is the weather. In hot weather, you can open the doors and allow a breeze to blow through. The top of the van even provides shade. It is like sitting on your covered porch. But in the winter, you either need some type of added heater (such as a trucker's heater), or you can wind up spending your travel money on heating your van. I will usually wait to run mine. That's what blankets and sleeping bags are for.

We did very well last winter in the Windstar. But we ran the engine alot to heat the van. This van seems to hold the heat better. And with the sun shining in, we have not had to run the van today, even though it is in the 20s. Keep warm!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wichita Falls

Ardmore was chilly, dark, and 40 felt like 10. The winds were very high. We were running the heater, and I decided this trip that if I am going to use the gas for heating, I will drive. So we left yesterday evening.

Now I prefer interstate driving, but I also believe in saving money. It was going to take us a lot more miles to go down to Dallas and then go west. That would mean a longer time, even if I was spending the same money each day. But I'm not. The cold was coming. And I wanted to be somewhere warmer. Now I know it is still cold here, but it is not as cold as the central part of Oklahoma. And with the sun today, I am not running the heater.

My travel plan is just drive up to 50 miles a day. That is only 70 dollars a week in gas money. I spent that much in OKC and even more driving to Macomb. I use to spend 140/week in gas, and one month was 1000 dollars! So if I am spending the same amount: why not go and enjoy myself? But....with the cold we are not doing much sightseeing, and I have spent most of the first week's allowance now.

Both of our moms are missing us, and one dear friend is vocalizing her concern for our lunacy, but this is something we have wanted to do for a long time. I like Wichita Falls, but I noticed I like bigger towns. I'm not really a country girl; I just "slept" in the country. I was never home!

Anyway, we left Ardmore, and because we were heading west, I went down a "red road." This is the name for the roads marked in red on a map. I don't want to do that again, but I will have to when we leave here, because there are not any interstates. We are rethinking where we are going, but we may stay here a few days because of the gas usage. We stopped in Waurika last night, and I did not have cell coverage. But I did find wifi! I sent messages to different ones in case we disappeared.

The sun feels good. Safe travels!