Tuesday, April 6, 2010


(Note: This was written last night to post on my Facebook status, but I was told it was tooooo long, so I decided to post it here.)

Listened to Charles Stanley tonight-he was talking about best friends. You can hear it on intouch.org, just look up audio archives. Anyway, my closest friend is my husband, but I have had a few best friends over the years. I would move, or they would move. Before internet and cell phones, it was either letters or long distance phone calls. A few are on my friends' list now, but so much time has passed, they are now just acquaintances. I miss our friendship and our comaraderie. Then there are those who have just disappeared, and I often wondered if I will ever hear from them again, or if they are even alive. I may never know this side of heaven. Do I have a best friend now? No. I have tried with some, but the interest wasn't returned. Some I could be again, except for time or distance or responsibilities. I miss that friendship. If you have a best friend now, keep track of them. Don't let the friendship die. If you've lost them like I have, maybe you can renew them. Don't lose them. It is too hard to start a new one.

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